Tug 'n Treat


Perfect for training agility, flyball or other dog sports!

You can get your food motivated dog to play with tug toys by adding food to these food pouches. Create a positive association in your dog's mind by stuffing this toy with hunks of liver, chicken, or favorite treats and you have an exciting food tug toy - perfect for teaching dogs to tug or 'take' an item.

Available in two styles:

MEDIUM - Tug 'N Treat is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing tough enough to withstand the strongest tuggers.

SOFT - Tug 'N Treat is made from soft and durable faux fur that is attractive even to hesitant dogs. This toy is intended for dogs that won't or don't play tug already. For seasoned tuggers use the Medium Tug N Treat (above) which will withstand more abuse.

Both Tug 'N Treats have a food pouch with Velcro closure and measure 3.5" x 7" with a 1" X 7" soft webbing handle. Machine-washable and guaranteed free of material and workmanship defects!

This toy is MADE IN THE USA! Don't be deceived by cheap knock-offs made in Mexico.

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